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ngffff [Aug. 10th, 2005|02:09 pm]
c/o MMIX


[mood |weirdweird]

anybody else flipping out a little bit?

ALSO, in a more specific vein, i'd be interested in hearing about how some of you are dealing with relationships. anybody else in the precarious position of breaking up because of a soon-to-be distance? anyone trying the notorious LDR?

-suzanne (didn't come out of nowhere. my other name is hitmeimawinner)

[User Picture]From: quakerkody
2005-08-11 01:50 am (UTC)
Nervous. Quite nervous. I thought it wasn't affecting me very much, and then I was like, "Oh wait, THAT'S why I've been so anxious." :P

I'm stupid sometimes
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